緑茶発祥の地「宇治田原」の宇治茶問屋 永谷茶業株式会社

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About Us

We have been running a Japanese tea proccesing factory for more than 120 years in Ujitawara, the birth place of Japanese green tea. We own our tea fields in several places in the town. In addition to this, we collect only characteristic and fresh leaves from neighboring farmers and process them carefully in our own factory. We make further efforts in providing high quality Uji tea to our customers.
(Major products)Organic tea,Sencha,Gyokuro,Houjicha
Genmaicha,Matcha and powder







Our tea field “Ohbukudani”

Ujitawara Town is the chief production district of Uji tea. It is said that, in the Kamakura Period, the tea cultivation method was devised by a disciple Myo-e, who was famous for having reconstructed Kozan-ji Temple in Kyoto. Tea plants were first located at the interior of our tea field Ohbukudani, a valley around the sacred Mt.Jubu. According to the narratives, Ohbukudani’s tea was very popular and was presented to the Shogun who was originally a temporary title given by the emperor to the commander-in-chief of an expeditionary army and also the Imperial House, thanks to the suitable tea growing conditions of the area (Sunlight is properly shaded by surrounding small mountains and the grain of stone is good for tea cultivation)



Our tea proseccing machines in the factory


Our tea fields


Organic Uji-Gyokuro field



Organic Uji-Gyokuro field



Organic Uji-Sencha and Organic Uji-Houjicha field



Ohbukudani Sencha


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Location:12-3 Sowari,Yuyadani,Ujitawara,Tuzukigun,Kyoto,Japan 610-0221